One of the world's fastest growing extension methods. Single strand hair extensions offer a tension free install

*No heat
*No glue
*No wefted tracks
*Used to create length, volume & add a pop of colour


About This Course

Learn micro rings hair extensions in the comfort of your own home or place of work one of the worlds most popular hair extensions. This is a single strand by stand application method that can be used to provide length, volume and even a pop of colour if desired.

Hair extensions are one of the fastest growing services within the hairdressing industry become part of this billion pound industry with earning potential of over £2,000 per week.

All classes are instructed by the founder of house of hair Uk Ayanda who went from working just one day a week earning a few hundred pound a month to having a multiple size figure salon.

Our videos teach you the basic from consultation, health and safety to how to install, remove and even cutting hair extensions to blend with your clients natural hair.

Visit our store to purchase your training kit before taking the class or see the kit list included to get all items needed.

Tools Required

  1. Training doll head or hair model
  2. Rat tail comb
  3. Sections clips
  4. Soft brush
  5. Micro Scissors
    • 5mm micro beads (silicon lined or standard)
    • Hair extensions pliers
    • loop tool or latch hook
    • I-tip stands 1gram per stand full head 150-200 stands, half head for additional volume only not for adding length 100-130 strands

One off payment

Our most popular method of payment is the one off payment options. This allows you to jump fully into starting your new business or services without the concern of on going payments. Building your new hair extensions business is always going to be an investment but with house of hair Uk the return on investment can be within just a few weeks of practising.

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